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unnatural act:

1. Any sexual practice considered sinful and immoral because it is performed by people who are not married to each other, because it does not lead to procreation, or because it deviates from a pattern set by the mores of the times.
SYNONYMS: unnatural-sex ; unnatural-sin .

2. Any sexual practice banned by law such as sodomy and necrophilia.
SYNONYMS: abominable-crime-against-nature ; detestable-crime-against-nature .

QUOTE: Bruce Rodgers. The Queens' Vernacular (1972): ' I'm not uptight about dying an unnatural death - I just want to die in an unnatural act .'

See Also: abominable and detestable crime against nature, abominable crime against nature, act, camp about, chastity, coitus vetitus, compulsive sexual activity, crime against nature, detestable crime against nature, poof about, unmentionable vice, unnatural, unnatural act, unnatural sex, unnatural sin

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