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A person who performs or engages in sexual-intercourse .
See Also: anal stormtrooper, arser, asshole liaisons officer, back yard prowler, back-door buddy, bottomite, brown admiral, brown eye miner, brownpipe engineer, bum bandit, bum basher, bum plumber, bum prodder, bum tickler, bum-fucker, bummer, chut, copulater, dung-puncher, excremental engineer, filly, fudy, futy, inspector of manholes, invader of hinterland, jobby jabber, knight of the golden grummet, manhole inspector, Nanette, peg-boy, pillow-biter, poo jabber, poo pusher, poofter, reary, rump-ranger, rumpy, shit stabber, shuntyard captain, willie woofter, wooftah, woofter, wooly woofter

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