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The lips or external folds of flesh of the vulva . There are two pairs of labia at the entrance to the vagina : a) the smaller, inner lips are called labia-minora ; b) the larger, outer lips are known as the labia-majora ; together the labia-minora and labia-majora protect the vagina , urethra , and clitoris . Singular: labium .

ETYMOLOGY: Latin for lips , the plural of labium meaning lip ; so-mamed because of their fleshy , liplike appearance; used in standard English since the early 17 th century.

SYNONYMS: lips (of the vagina or vulva); bacon-bomb-doors ; bacon-rind ; bacon-sandwich ; bacon-strips ; bawdy-cleft ; beef-jibber ; blood-flaps ; bovine-drapes ; breakfast-of-champion ; bum-bacon ; butterflies; cat-flaps ; cat's-head-cut-open ; cleft-underside ; cockles ; columns-of-Venus ; crack ; crevice ; cunt-lips ; cuntocks ; curtain-drop ; curtains ; dangly-bits ; dew-flaps ; double-doors ; double-suckers ; ear between-the-legs ; female-genital-slit ; female lipped underbelly; female-lower-mouth ; female-pudendal-slit (canalis, inlet, lane); female-slit ; female's-lower-kisser ; fillet-o'-fish ; fish-lips ; flabby-lips ; flaps ; flesh-beer-towels ; front-doors ; fuck-flaps ; gammon-flaps ; gammon-goalposts ; gaper ; grin ; garden-gates ; genital-hiatus ; genital-slit ; hanging-bacon ; hefty-clefty ; inner lips ; interlabial-slit ; labs ; lipped-underside ; lower-lips ; lower-mouth ; meat-tarp ; mud flaps ; mute-mouth ; nether-lips ; outer lips ; ox-drapes ; palace-gates ; passion-flaps ; pink-bits ; pink-flaps ; piss-flaps ; piss-slit ; portals-of-sex ; pudendal-smile ; scallops ; sex-skin ; sex-skin ; sexual-slit ; silent-mouth ; skins ; slit ; slitted-underbelly ; split ; split-tail ; tram-lines ; undercut ; vaginal-rim ; vertical-bacon-baguette ; vertical-bacon-sandwich ; vulvar-interlabial-slit ; vulvar-lips ; vulvar-inner-and-outer-lips ; wings-of-the-vulva .

See Also: amatripsis, armored division, artichoke, axe wound, babia majora, bacon, bacon bomb doors, bacon rind, bacon sandwich, bacon strips, bats wings, bawdy cleft, beef curtains, beef jibber, bilabial trump card, blood flaps, bovine drapes, breakfast of champion, bridle string, bum bacon, butterflies, the, buttering the beaver, callipomate, cat flaps, cat with its throat cut, cat's head cut open, chasma, cleft, cleft underside, cockles, columns of Venus, commissure, cow-cunted, crease, crevice, crotch cheese, cunt lips, cuntocks, curtain drop, curtain rings, curtains, dangly bits, dew-flaps, double doors, double suckers, ear-between-the-legs, female genital mouth, female genital slit, female gimcrack, female lower mouth, female pudendal slit, female slit, female's lower kisser, fillet o' fish, fish lips, flabby lips, flaps, flat cock, flesh beer towels, foreskin, fourchette, frenulum laborium, frenulum of the labia, frenum of the clitoris, front doors, fuck flaps, gammon flaps, gammon goalposts, gaper, garden gates, genital hiatus, genital slit, genital smile, Grand Canyon, great divide, grin, halve the crack, hanging bacon, hefty clefty, horse collar, hot lips, Hottentot apron, infibulation, inner labia, inner lips (of the vagina), inner vulvar lips, inside lips (of the vagina), interlabial slit, joy-furrow, junction, labia, labia majora, labia minora, labium, labium majus, labium minus, labs, lesser vulval lips, lip, lip work, lipped underside, lips, lower lips, lower mouth, major lips (of the vagina), meat tarp, minor lips (of the vagina), mudflaps, mumbling in the moss, mute mouth, nether lips, nick in the notch, nymphae, one-man band, outer labia, outer lips (of the vagina), outer vulvar lips, ox drapes, palace gates, passion flaps, pink bits, pink flaps, piss flaps, piss slit, portals of sex, pouter, pudendal smile, pudendum, rails, scallops, sex skin, sexual slit, silent mouth, skins, slitted underbelly, split-beaver shot, spread shot, tour de france, tram lines, turpicunnia, undercut, upright grin, upright wink, vaginal rim, vaginal vestibule, vertical bacon baguette, vertical bacon sandwich, vertical smile, vestibule, vestibulum vaginae, vulva, vulvar inner and outer lips, vulvar interlabial slit, vulvar lips, vulvar outer and inner lips, weight training, wide-open beaver, wings of the vulva, wound

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