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Obsolete, 16 th century euphemism, said of and by males, for copulate , based on the standard sense of ear, to plow . See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: Athor, bull by the souse, Bunny Girl, cauliflower, diapnolagnia, ear, flaps, guy cramps, Hathor, hearing cheats, jug handles, jug-lugs, King Lear, kitten's ear, phone sex, Playboy Bunny, shell-like, telephone sex, three-inch fool, up to one's ears in love, up to the ears in love, yard

Quotes Containing ear:
Jim Young (Ben Affleck) in Boiler Room (2000): ''They say money can''t buy happiness? Look at the smile on my face . Ear to ear .''
Lou Peckingpaugh (Peter Falk) and Marlene Duchard (Louise Fletcher) in a Casablanca-like scene in The Cheap Detective (1978): - Lou: ''I almost forgot what you look like. Day by day I erased your face from my mind, little by little, till all I had left was your right ear and three front teeth on the bottom .'' - Marlene: ''I still carry your picture in a locket. Naturally I had to cut off your head in case Paul found it .''

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