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wings of the vulva:

The labia-majora and labia-minora . See vagina for synonyms.
See Also: acomovulvate, bacon sandwich, bliff, buttering the beaver, button groove, callicunnate, canned tomato, catty-cat, cleft of flesh, cloven inlet, cod cove, cook the kettle, cunnotage, cunt pie, delta, dive in the bushes, dive into it, fairy, female vulvar apparatus, flabby lips, fount of femininity, front passage, fuzzy-bunny, go under the house, golden gate, golden mound, hanging basket, Irish fortune, kneeler, kolpophobia, licking the beaver, moustache ride, mouth job, muliebral sex organ(a), mumbling in the moss, panty pudding, pudendum muliebre, receptive pudendum, rheomist, south pole, twam, twammy, twim, twot, Venus mound, wheel, yoni

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