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An Elizabethan euphemism for the vagina and vulva . See vagina for synonyms.
See Also: baby buggy, big shit, big shot, coming out, hairy ring, neckers knob, one-arm driver, three wheeler, whip it out, zip it out

Quotes Containing wheel:
Sabra (Frances Dee) and Lynn (John Wayne) in Wheel of Fortune (1941): - Sabra: ''Why are you grinning like that?'' - Lynn: ''Well, it takes fifty muscles to frown and only fourteen to grin . I guess I''m plain lazy.''
Jordan (Rock Hudson) and wife Leslie (Elizabeth Taylor) in Giant (1956): - Jordan Benedict: ''This is men stuff .'' - Leslie Benedict: ''Men stuff! Set up my spinning wheel girls, I''ll join the harem section in a minute.''
Lynn (John Wayne) and Sabra (Frances Dee) in Wheel of Fortune (1941): - Lynn: ''You know , you''d be lovely if you had brown hair.'' - Sara: ''I have brown hair.''

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