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Slangonym for:

1. The body; the anatomy.

2. The flesh .

3. Short for bacon-sandwich / bacon-strips / vertical-bacon-sandwich , vulgar slang for the labia and vulva . See vagina for synonyms.

4. Since the 1910s, the penis . Bacon bazooka is much more recent, 1980-90s. See penis for synonyms.

5. A sexually available woman . Bacon for sale .

See Also: bacon, breakfast of champion, bum bacon, effeminate, gammon, labia, rasher

Quotes Containing bacon:
Francis Bacon: 'It is impossible to love and to be wise.'
Suzanne (Emily Longstreth) to Nick (Kevin Bacon) in The Big Picture (1989): ''Don''t come any closer, Nick, unless you want to walk funny for the rest of your life .''
''Henry, some men are broken by the laws that they break , unable to resist the force that are pushing them down , other men live by the rules that society has set down . You''re not one of them.'' Associate warden Milton Glenn (Gary Oldman) to Henry Young (Kevin Bacon) in Murder in the First (1994)

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