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1. The back or rear side of the body as opposed to the front, front side, or side of facial orientation.
Synonyms: back ; behind ; rear (end); tail-side .

2. The rump , the ass . See ass for synonyms.

See Also: acre, afternoon, back, back seat, behind, bunt, caboose, end, flip side, fundament, heinie, hind end, hootananny, hootenanny, hot pockeroo, husband's supper, Ireland, kab edis, keel, labonza, latter end, latter part, lower back, male tale, parking place, popo, posterior, posteriora, posteriors, potcharooney, poundcake, prat, pratt, rear, rear end, rear guard, rum, second face, southern exposure, tail bone, tail side, toby, warm(ing) the husbands supper, western end, whatsis, whatsus, whatzis

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