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1. Unattached, unmarried, and open for sexual or romantic consideration.
Synonyms: catchable ; fancy-free ; haveable ; heart-free ; heart-whole ; in-circulation ; on-the-make ; unattached ; unsmitten; up-for-grabs .

2. Said of a woman who readily or even eagerly accedes to the sexual requests of males.
Synonyms: approachable; free-and-easy ; fuckable ; haveable ; on-the-make .

See Also: 18 USC 2257, a bit of skirt, abstinence rule, adult entertainment, all man, bachelor, back in circulation, bacon, Ben Wa Balls, bit of crumb, bit of goods, bit of spare, bit of stuff, black handkerchief, breath control, brownable, Burmese balls, catchable, chicken in the basket, crumpet, doable, Does it play?, drive-thru, dunkie, eligible, faggot worker, fancy-free, flunitrazepam, French embassy, geisha balls, GHB, hairy bit, haveable, heart-free, heart-whole, hen, hepatitis C, hot buns, hot meat, hot number, hot sketch, hot stuff, hot tamale, hot tomato, hot-tailed woman, humper, IDO2, in circulation, in season, inhibited sexual desire, ISD, K, Ketamine, knock, line, massage parlor, puer, Rino Tama, Rohypnol, rule of abstinence, sex bunny, sex kitten, snap, Special K, star-fucker, sure thing, Thai beads, tootsie, tootsy, unattached, unbrownable, up for grabs, vaginal balls, Vetalar, Vitamin K, wop shop

Quotes Containing available:
Diane (Joan Collins) and Chester Babcock (Bob Hope) in The Road to Hong Kong (1962): - Diana: 'You know , Chester, you're the sort of man that I could love .' - Chester: 'Could you?' - Diana: 'Oh yes , I could, Chester. I could love you body and soul.' - Chester: 'They're available , in that order.'

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