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Common; by extension, lewd or obscene.

ETYMOLOGY: From the Latin vulgus, meaning the common herd.

SYNONYMS: coarse; common; crass; gross; in bad taste; in the worst possible taste; indecent ; lewd ; low-minded; obscene; offensive; pornographic ; ribald ; risqué , rude; tasteless; uncouth; uncultured; undignified; unpolished; unrefined.

See Also: a.k., all-beef sausage, amorous congress, arse, arsey-versey, article, ass-bite, ass-fuck, Athanasian wench, bachelor's fare, bacon, bacon bomb doors, ballum rancum, basket making, bastardly gullion, bawdy, be in a woman's beef, bear-garden language, beard-splitter, beau nasty, beef bayo with extra mayo, beef curtains, beef jibber, bit of cunt, bleached mort, bletherskate, blood-breaker, blowen, blue boar, bob-tail, bobtail, bounder, bovine drapes, buck, buck fitch, Buckinger's boot, bunter, burning shame, bushel bubby, buttock and tongue, buttock ball, buttock jig, buttock stirring, C**T, Carvel's ring, case vrow, cat call, cat heads, cat with its throat cut, catheads, cheese factory, chitty-faced, chopped liver, clicket, clit clot, coarse piece, cock-a-whoop, codpiece, coffee house, coffee shop, cold meat, Colt's tooth, commodity, Convent Garden, coprolalia, Covent Garden, Covent Garden ague, covey, crack a pitcher, crack the pipkin, crack the pitcher, cracked pipkin, cracked pitcher, craphole fuck, crinkum crankum, crust, crusty beau, cuckold the parson, cum-gargling fucker, cundum, cunt fart, cunt hunt, cunt lapping, cunt rag, cunt-sucking, cuntsmith, cunty, curtezan, custom-house, cutty-eye, daylights, dells, demi-rep, dirty hole, dock, dog's mouth, dog's rig, domine do little, doodle sack, double fuck, draggy udders, droopers, dry hole, dumb watch, dust cover for the cunt, empty tunnel, erotolalia, esurient, faggots lunch box, fags toothbrush, fat flabs, feather bed jig, fecal speech, fed at both ends, fetch mettle, fillet o' fish, filthy babbling, fish dinner, fish-box, flab hangings, flabby melons, flash man, flash the hash, flat cock, flesh beer towels, flogging cully, flyer, foot, frenchified, fribble, fruitful vine, fubsey, fuck udders, fumbler, fussock, fusty luggs, futter, gab, gam, gamb, gammon, gammon flaps, gammon goalposts, gander month, gap-stopper, gash, get, get some cunt, gill, gills, gimcrack, gingambobs, give a girl a green gown, glimflashy, go-between, gollompus, grabbing some snatch, grafted, green sickness, grind, gutter, guttersnipe, gynaecologist, gynecologist, had'em, hair splitter, hairy pipi, hairy whizzer, hanging bacon, hanging basket, Hans Carvel's ring, harridan, hat, hearing cheats, hedge whore, hedge-creeper, hellcat, henpecked, horn mad, horn work, house, hoydon, hummums, hump, indecent, indorser, Irish beauty, Jack in the box, Jack Whore, jade, jakes, jilted, jimcrack, jock, jokum cloy, jowl, keep it up, keeping cully, kettledrums, knock, knock one on, lady birds, leaping over the sword, left-handed wife, letch, lib, lickbox, lob cock, lock hospital, loins, Lord knows where, lung nuts, lung warts, mackerel, Madam Ran, madge, madge culls, man's privities, matrimonial peace-maker, melting moments, merry arse Christian, Miss Laycock, Miss Molly, money, mort, mount a corporal and four, mow, Mrs. Princum Prancum, mutton-monger, muttoner, nimgimmer, notch, nub, old dose, on the town, ox drapes, peculiar, peppered, physog, phyz, piece, pig sticking, pimp whiskin, piss prophet, piss proud, pissing pins and needles, pitcher, plug-tail, porking de ho, prick-teaser, prig, prigging, prigstar, prime article, princum prancum, proud, public ledger, pucker water, pully hawly, punk, pus glands, queer bitch, queer mort, quicunque vult, quim, rabbit catcher, ranlum scrantum, rantallion, rantum scantum, rat-hole, rat-trap, rattlesnake canyon, receiver general, riding St. George, romp, rotten crotch, round-mouth, rum blowen, rum doxy, rum mort, sardine can, scar-crossed prunes, scrubber, scum, scum-twat, scumsuck, scut, sewer-chewing, shanker, shit locker, short-heeled wench, skin sacks, skull pussy, slattern, slime-hole, slippery slued, sloppy bot, slugs, smack, smell-hole, smelly pussy, smut, snoozing-ken, snot, socket money, soul case, Spanish padlock, spice island, squirrel, stink-pit, strap, strapping, strum, suck cock, suck-cocker, tetbury portion, Thomas, thorough-good-natured wench, three-penny upright, three-penny uprighter, tip the velvet, token, top balls, top-diver, toss off, town bull, town rake, trashy, trollop, tu quoque, tuna taco, tuzzy-muzzy, twat, twat rug, twat-faithful, twiddle poop, two-handed put, up your ass!, wack job, wagtail, wap, warts, wasp, waste pipe, wayside fountain, Westminster wedding, wet burger, wet-mop, whack job, whiffles, white love piss, whither-go-ye, whore-hopper, widow's weeds, wife in watercolors, wolf in the breast, woman's commodity, woman's privities, wrinkle-belly, xantippe, yeast bag

Quotes Containing vulgar:
Captain Francis Grose. Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1811) as: ''The blowen was nutts upon the kiddey because he is well-hung ; the girl is pleased with the youth because his genitals are large.''
Mamma Rose (Bette Midler) in in the TV-movie Gypsy (1993): ''Some men have called me an ecdysiast . Do you know what that means? An ecdysiast is one who, or that which, sheds it''s skin . In vulgar parlance, a stripper . But I''m not a stripper . At these prices, I''m an ecdysiast .''
Mamma Rose (Bette Midler) in in the TV-movie Gypsy (1993): ''Some men have called me an ecdysiast . Do you know what that means? An ecdysiast is one who, or that which, sheds it''s skin . In vulgar parlance, a stripper . But I''m not a stripper . At these prices, I''m an ecdysiast .''
Alex(andra) Medford (Cher) to Daryl Van Horne (Jack Nicholson) in The Witches of Eastwick (1987): 'I will try to be as direct and honest with you as I possibly can . I think, no , I am positive, that you are the most unattractive man I have ever met in my entire life . You know , in the short time that we have been together you have demonstrated every loathsome characteristics of the male personality and even discovered a few new ones. You are physically repulsive, intellectually retarded, you're morally reprehensible, vulgar , insensitive, selfish, stupid. You have no taste, a lousy sense of humor and you smell. You're not even interesting enough to make me sick.'

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