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Or: P .T. / PT / prick-tease / prickteaser :

1. A flirtacious fe/male who arouses men sexually, then refuses gratification; one who acts as if s/he wants to engage in sexual activities, but in reality doesn't.
SYNONYMS: cock-chafer ; cock-tease ; cockteaser ; CT ; dick-teaser ; tease ; teaser .
ANTONYM: cock-pleaser .
SEE ALSO: cunt-tease ; cunt-teaser .

2. Vulgar term of contempt for any female who says 'no'.

See Also: C.T., cock-chafer, cock-pleaser, cock-tease, cock-teaser, cockchafer, cocktease, cockteaser, CT, cunt-tease, cunt-teaser, dick-teaser, Dilbert Dildo, giggle stick, Hamilton Wick, Hampton Wick, honorable prick, Mad Mick, P3, Pat and Mick, prick, prick-tease, prick-teaser, prickholder, prickle, PT, Stormy Dick, tease, teaser, three card trick, zoobrick, zubrick

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