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prick peddler:

A male prostitute .

SYNONYMS: ass pro ; bird taker; batter ; batts; buff-boy ; bunny ; business-boy ; call-boy ; cocktail ; coin-collector; commercial-queer ; crack-salesman ; dick-peddler ; fag boy ; fanny-boy; foot-soldier ; gay dirt ; gigolo ; he-whore ; jack' ass ; Hollywood-hustler ; husband-for-a-weekend ; iron-hoof ; joy-boy ; mayate; merchandise; models; outdoorsman; party-boy ; professional queer ; puto ; rent; renter ; renter boy ; Rita; sport-goods ; sporting-goods ; steer meat ; street-mechanic ; swishblader; trabajado-trader ; trader-dick ; venereal boy .

See Also: Dilbert Dildo, giggle stick, Hamilton Wick, Hampton Wick, he-whore, hip flipper, Hollywood hustler, honorable prick, husband for a weekend, Jack ass, joy boy, Mad Mick, party boy, Pat and Mick, prick, prickholder, prickle, Professional queer, PT, puto, rent boy, renter, sport goods, sporting goods, Stormy Dick, street hustler, street mechanic, street-meat, three card trick, trabajado trader, trader dick, zoobrick, zubrick

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