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1. A derivation of bun , a British word for the female genitals since the 17 th century. See vagina for synonyms.

2. In the 1960s, a pert and attractive girl , especially one who praticed a sport or activity because of the social life attached to it . Ski bunny / beach-bunny .

3. Or: bed-bunny , a bed hopping, promiscuous woman , based on the rabbit's proclivity for mating . See playgirl for synonyms.

4. A male prostitute , straight or gay , agreeable to anal-intercourse .
Synonyms: ass pro ; buff-boy ; business-boy .

5. An adolescent boy regarded as a sexual-object . Synonym: chicken .

6. Or: Playboy-Bunny / Bunny-Girl , a waitress or croupier in a Playboy Club (since the 1960s) dressed in a rabbit costume complete with fluffy tail and head-dress with large floppy ears.

7. American slang for a male homosexual experienced in anal-intercourse .

8. In England, to talk or chatter.

9. A term of endearment or nickname.

See Also: aspro, asspro, bed bunny, bud, buff-boy, bunnies, bunny, Bunny Girl, business boy, carrot, cuddle bunny, fuck bunny, fuck princess, Playboy Bunny, snuggle pup

Quotes Containing bunny:
'They say the navy makes men. Well, I'm living proof they made me.' Ramon Vega (George Hamilton), who has now changed his name to Bunny Wigglesworth, to his brother Diego (George Hamilton) in Zorro, The Gay Blade (1981)

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