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Abbreviations: str ; Str; STR . Etymology: Originally coined as an antonym for bent meaning homosexual or crooked.

1. Heterosexual.

2. Short for straightforward, proper, honest, conforming to the norms.

3. Non-sadomasochistic.

4. Non-swinger.

See Also: affair, angel food, aspro, ass-peddler, asspro, baby-maker, backside artist, bambi sex, bent, bi, birdie, blown all over the map, boot slave, breeder, breeder fish, buff-boy, bungie-boy, butch cut, cake-eater, camp culture, career boy, circus, clock, closet queer, closeted, cocksman, COD, cohabitation, coitophthoria, confirmed bachelor, couple friend, crew-cut queen, cupcake, daisy chain, dangler, daub of the brush, deviant sexual behavior, dish, extras, fag hag, fag magnet, fruit-picker, gay bachelor, gay for pay, gay gene, gaydar, gorilla salad, hag, hairy Mary, have an affair with, he-male, he-man, hemale, hettie, homo-lover, horse and buggy fuggy, hypothalamus, INAH, jaihouse turnout, Kinsey One, lesbionage, non-kinky sex, Norman Normal, old fashioned, phallic decorum, regular trick, right-handed, rub bellies, sexual deviance, sexual deviancy, sexual deviation, square up, stag hag, str, straight date, straight trick, thyrsos, trans-fag, tranz-fag, vanilla, vanilla sex, X-ey, zoo number

Quotes Containing straight:
''Now let me get this straight . You got a wife and you got a girlfriend in the office? Did you say your name was Bud or Stud? I''m sorry, but it sounds to me like you''re living your life so crooked you have to screw your socks on . Having an affair is like shooting pool on two tables. You may have the balls , Bud, but you''re gonna wear out your stick .'' Shirlee Kenyan (Dolly Parton) hosting a radio call-in show in Straight Talk (1992)
Call-in radio show ''Doctor'' Shirlee Kenyan (Dolly Parton) to one of her callers in Straight Talk (1992): ''Like my daddy always used to say: a bird and a fish can fall in-love , but where do they make a home?''
Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) to Lena Lamont (Jean Hagen) in Singing in the Rain (1952): 'Try to get this straight . There is nothing between us. There never was anything between us. Just air.'
Drag queens Noxema/Zima Jackson/Auntie Noxy (Wesley Snipes) and Chichi Rodriquez (John Leguizamo) in To Wong Foo. Thanks for Everything. Julie Newmar (1995): - Noxema: ''Darling, if you''re going to become a drag-queen , you''re gonna have to learn these things. '' - Chichi: ''What do you mean ''a drag queen''? I am a drag queen!'' - Noxema: ''Oh, child, no , no , no . You''re simply a boy in a dress. When a straight man puts a dress and gets his sexual kick he is a transvestite ; when a man is a woman trapped in a man''s body and has the little operation he is a transsexual ; (...) when a gay man has way too much fashion sense for one gender he is a drag-queen . (...) And when a light little Latin boy puts on a dress he is simply a boy in a dress.'' In the end , they agree to give Chichi the temporary title of ''drag princess .''

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