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Or: Bi / BI , an abbreviation and synonym for bisexual , a person sexually attracted to both men and women. Bi W/M into greek and light B-&-D .

Quote: Susan (Edie McClurg), a swinger , inviting Mary (Mary Woronov) to join in in Eating Raoul (1982): ' Oh, gee , we're up for about anything. You see we're both bies so we can go either way , but actually we do like straight-sex . Moose is into voyeurism and I'm into exhibitionism. We like B-&-D , but we don't like S & M . We met at A & P , but we don't like labels .'

See Also: AC-DC, bi, biforatia, bilingual, bisexual community, buysexual, rides a bicycle, W/M

Quotes Containing bi:
Tommy Patel (Eric Idle) in Splitting Heirs (1993): ''You don''t have to worry about me, dear, I''m BI-sexual. Whenever I want to have-sex , I have to buy it .''

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