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Slangonym for the testicles. See penis for synonyms.
See Also: alley apple, baby dyke, blue balls, blueballs, boon dagger, boonch, bootch, bull, bull bitch, bull-dagger, bull-dike, bull-diker, bull-dogger, butch dagger, butch lesbian, butz, charactronym, diamonds, diesel dyke, dike, dyke, dyke-o-saurus, fertility symbols, gaychick, hard-on, lithoid phallus, love beads, love that dare not speak its name, the, mercy fuck, mizuko-jizo, molly dyke, panties, pity fuck, power beads, romancing the bone, S.A., sergeant, soft butch, stone butch, stone femme, top-sergeant, ultraviolet wand, unwell, violet wand, vision of loveliness, vomit [DEF[, wand

Quotes Containing stones:
George M . Cohan (James Cagney) in Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942):''The road to happiness is paved with heartbreaks and stones .''

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