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A person who dresses in clothing appropriate to the opposite-sex for sexual pleasure.

ETYMOLOGY: Coined in 1910 by Magnus Hirschfeld.

SEE ALSO: cross dresser.

See Also: 49, AC-DC TV, achnutshik, Back Drop (Club), black in white TV, chick with dick, closet queer, cross-dresser, dainties, dancer's belt, doll house, drag mag, gender illusionist, he/she, knobber, non-conforming gender, nonconforming gender, she-male, smoothie, T Star, trannie, tranny, tranny fucker, trans, transcengender, transgender, transgender community, transgendered, transgressively gendered, transie, transpeople, transvestism, transvestitism, transy, TV, TV lounge, TV training, wig party

Quotes Containing transvestite:
David Larrabee (Greg Kinnear) and Linus Larrabee (Harrison Ford) in Sabrina (1995) - David: ''She''s a real woman , not a, you know .'' - Linus: ''Transvestite?'' - David: ''No, she''s not a bimbo .''
Drag queens Noxema/Zima Jackson/Auntie Noxy (Wesley Snipes) and Chichi Rodriquez (John Leguizamo) in To Wong Foo. Thanks for Everything. Julie Newmar (1995): - Noxema: ''Darling, if you''re going to become a drag-queen , you''re gonna have to learn these things. '' - Chichi: ''What do you mean ''a drag queen''? I am a drag queen!'' - Noxema: ''Oh, child, no , no , no . You''re simply a boy in a dress. When a straight man puts a dress and gets his sexual kick he is a transvestite ; when a man is a woman trapped in a man''s body and has the little operation he is a transsexual ; (...) when a gay man has way too much fashion sense for one gender he is a drag-queen . (...) And when a light little Latin boy puts on a dress he is simply a boy in a dress.'' In the end , they agree to give Chichi the temporary title of ''drag princess .''

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