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opposite sex:

Common expression used by people of one sex to refer to people of the other sex .

QUOTE: Rosalie Maggio, The Dictionary of Bias-Free Usage (1991): ' This phrase is sometimes used coyly in sexist contexts and also perpetuates an adversarial attitude toward female-male relationships .'

See Also: 3-Fs, a bit of the other, accidental homosexuality, adelophilia, ambibiosis, amphigenic invert, anthropophagy, anti-bod, Antipodes, behavioral transsexualism, bit of the other, bloxie, bridle string, camp walk, chossel, click, click right off the bat, contingent invert, contrary sex, contrasexism, contrasexual, cross-dresser, cross-dressing, cross-gender behavior, cross-living, dead beat of one's heart, deadlier of the species, dishabillopedia, dishabillophilia, dork, drag, drag party, erotic zoophilism, eyesore, fetishistic cross-dressing, free lover, full-time, functional homosexuality, gender variant, heterocoitus, heteroerotic, heteroeroticism, heteroerotism, heterophilia, heterophobia, heterosexual, heterosexuality, heterosociality, high heels fetish, homoeroticism, in drag, inversion, invert, killer, KY jelly, lamma hutching, linguistic cross-dressing, loop-de-loop, lost sex, loxie, metamorphosis sexualis paranoia, MOTOS, non-conforming gender, nonconforming gender, other woman, the, poodle, POSSLQ, pronoun reversal, quick on the pickup, ram, scope on, scope out, scoping, scopolagnia, sex object, sexobatics, sexophobia, sexual object, shack-up, sheep's eyes, situational homosexuality, slowie, three F's, tits and ass, transcengender, transexion, transgendered, transgenderist, transgressively gendered, transition, transsex procedures, transsexual, transsexualism, transsexuality, transvest, transvestism, transvestite, transvestitism, transvestophilia, turn off, TV discipline, tweeny, twixter, undamaged goods, undeflowered, wallflower, weaker vessel, the, whole

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