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Euphemism for the vagina . See vagina for synonyms.

QUOTE: Empress Nympho (Madeline Kahn) wondering if a the new slave could be put to good use in History of the World - Part I (1981): ' Oh Bob? Do I have any openings that this man could fill '

See Also: abdominal abortion, abdominal ostium, abnormal presentation, agoraphilia, agoraphobia, all-nighter, anal fistula, anal orifice, anaspadias, anus, assume the position, autagonistophilia, autoagonistophilia, available, baby-split, back door, Back Drop (Club), back porch, beaver pose, biforatia, birth control clinic, bouginonia, box tonsils, break open the pie, broad-minded, brown, burgershot, bushel-cunted, bushie mall, butch-fluff, butcher's shop, butcher's window, can entertain, Canticle of Canticles, cat with its throat cut, catchable, chasma, chastity belt, chudini, chundini, clitoris, codpiece, coin-slot, colpyle, communicable disease, cooz(e), coozey, coozy, cracking tool, cranny, crowbar, cuzzie, deep kiss, delicate tissue, dirt box, dirt chute, dirt factory, dirt road, dirt track, ditch, dopey, dung-trumper, eager beaver, etcaetera, etcetera, exchange spit(s), external urinary meatus, eye of the Bishop, the, eye-hole, fistula in ano, food dropper, foraminate, fore and after, forest, fork, French, French kiss, fuck-me pumps, fudge pipe(s), fudge tunnel, give tonsil-lectomy, glory hole, gloryhole, gynecologic spread, haveable, heart-free, hedge whore, hedge-creeper, heteroflexible, homophobia, hot beaver shot, hymen, hymenal ring, imperforate hymen, in circulation, infibulation, introitus, Jack in the box, jap's eye, knee spreader, labia majora, leg stretcher, lips, maiden ring, meatus, meatus urinarius, mouth wrestle, mouth wrestling, muck spreader, one-eye(d), open up, open up someone's ass, open up the ass, opening, optophobia, pass secrets, pee-hole, pee-pee hole, peepee hole, piss hole, piss slit, pisser, play tonsil hockey, plug, poo, poo chute, poo hatch, pooh, poop-hole, poperin pear, proctophallism, public ledger, rear, rear end, rear entry, saucer eyes, saucers, scupper, sexual aperture, shit-box, shit-chute, shit-hole, shot of beaver, a, sky-clad, slop-chute, snatch, Song of Solomon, Song of Songs, soul kiss, soul kissing, spank, spit swapping, split beaver, split-beaver shot, spread beaver, spread eagle, spread shot, spreader, star-gazer, stargazer, stroke, suck face, suck head, swab the tonsils, swap spit, swapping spit, tail over the dashboard, tail side, tail-femme, take it anyway, thrasher, throw the tongue, toe rage, tongue kiss, tongue kissing, tongue wrestle, tongue wrestling, tonsil hockey, trade spit, transvaginal, troll, Turkish medal, turpicunnia, twixt wind and water, up for grabs, urethra, urethral eroticism, urethral meatus, urethral opening, urethral orifice, vaginal vestibule, valve, vestibule, vestibulum vaginae, vulva, wet kissing, Yankees yawn, zero

Quotes Containing opening:
'Nothing worth knowing can be understood with the mind. Everything really valuable has to enter you through a different opening .' Isaac Davis (Woody Allen) to Mary Wilke (Diane Keaton) in Manhattan (1979)

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