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1. Conventionally sexual; plain, ordinary and bland as opposed to deviant or kinky . Normal, conforming, conventional, straight , non-kinky-sex , like the plainest flavor, vanilla ice cream .
SYNONYMS: bambi ; non-kinky; straight .

2. In gay terminology, a synonym for straight , heterosexual .

3. In fetishistim and BDSM, descriptive of relatively conventional forms of sexual activity, the lighter, more innocent side of sexuality in contrast to sadomasochistic and fetichist sex play.

4. A white person.

QUOTE: Coco (Irene Cara) and Hilary Van Doren (Antonia Franceschi) talking about Leroy (Gene Anthony Ray) in Fame (1980):
-- Coco: ' Look, I'm not 'my dear'. You can fuck 'my dear' .'
-- Hilary: ' Well, thank you. That might be fun .'
-- Coco: ' That might be impossible. He's not into vanilla .'
-- Hilary: ' It might be a nice change from black-cherry .'
-- Coco: ' The darker the berry the sweeter the juice , honey .'
-- Hilary: ' Yes, but who wants diabetes .'

See Also: bambi sex, black cherry, halitosis, non-kinky sex, shitty, straight sex, vanilla

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