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A person, event, or sexual-behavior that differs from the accepted norm of a particular society. This neutral and nonpejorative term is preferred today by sex educators and therapsits to the more disparaging and offensive terms abnormal , kinky , deviant . Synonym: sexually-nonconforming .
See Also: 6-2-9, 6-to-9, abnormal, acey-deucey, achilous, acral, aidomania, alternately gendered, ambiguous gender, ambisexual, autoscophilia, autoscopophilia, B & T, beef cakes, bi-sexuality, biddy, bigendered, boyzzz, bumbo, busbus, camel toes, crosswired, deviant, deviant sexual behavior, deviate, epicene, erotopathic, fancy man, figger, gender outlaw, gender variant, guido, hind end, hitchhiking to heaven, inner sex, lay the leg, layed, lubricous, mac, mamilla, non-conforming gender, nonconforming gender, omnigendered, pangendered, play-girl, polygendered, pouffe, pouve, puff, push, quean, sexual aberration, sexual deviance, sexual deviancy, sexual deviation, sexual variance, sexually nonconforming, sissie, skeeger, T & A, T Star, T* People, transcengender, transgendered, transgressively gendered, unnatural, vanilla sex, variant expressive

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