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1. Strictly speaking, a positive or negative adjective for something or someone unusual, extraordinary, neither typical or average.

2. In sexual usage, abnormal, aberrant , and perverted all have negative, derogatory connotations. Deviant, a better word, is acceptable, but variant is more neutral and the word preferred today by sexologists and sex educators.

See Also: aberrant, aberration, abnormal, abnormal bleeding, abnormal chromosome effects, abnormal forms, abnormal presentation, abnormality, abulia, acrorthosis, colpopathy, colpoxerosis, compulsion, compulsive masturbation, compulsive sexual activity, deviant, deviate, hirsutism, hyperplasia, hypomastia, hysteromania, inversion, lagneuomania, macromastia, phobia, sexual variance, sexually nonconforming, tentiginous, tentigo, tentigogenic, trichologia, twisted, unnatural, uranophobia, variant, variant sexual behavior

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