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1. In the 17 th century, to copulate . In his Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1811) Captain Francis Grose defines strapping : ' Lying with a woman .' From: to strap meaning to work . See copulation for synonyms.

2. A length of leather used for fastening or strapping (striking the body with a leather band).

3. Mid-C20 th Americanism for penis . See penis for synonyms.

See Also: aging actress, anal toy, ball gag, ball toy, ballbag, bdsm, bondage harness, bondage table, butterfly vibrator, Chin Dildo, cock mouth gag, dancer's belt, dildo, fallen star, girdler, grandma, grimm's fairy, horizontal bra, jockstrap, old hen, old queen, play with oneself, prune person, rancid flower, snap-on (tool), soiled senior citizen, strap, strap-on dildo, strapping, supporter, tawse, vertical bra, wheelchair set

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