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A fun-loving, socially and sexually active woman devoted to the pursuit of pleasurable activities. For the purpose of this dictionary, a sexually active or promiscuous woman .

See playgirl [SYN] for sunonyms.


(1) Rajah (Nigel de Brulier) and Tira (Mae West) in I'm no Angel (1933):
-- Rajah: ' I see a wonderful future. I see a man in your life .'
-- Tira: ' What, only one? '

(2) Tira's (Mae West) answer to her maid in I'm No Angel (1933):
-- Maid: ' I was under the impression you were a one-man woman .'
-- Tira: ' I am. One man at a time .'

(3) Rajah (Nigel de Brulier) and Tira (Mae West) in I'm No Angel (1933):
-- Rajah: ' The horoscope. Keep this where you can consult it frequently .'
-- Tira: ' All right, I'll take-it to bed with me .'

(4) Tira (Mae West) in I'm No Angel (1933):
-- Prosecutor: ' Why did you admit knowing so many men in your life? '
-- Tira: ' It's not the men in your life that count, it's the life in your men .'

(5) Tira (Mae West) in I'm No Angel (1933): ' I'm no angel but I've spread my wings a bit .'

(6) Tira (Mae West) in I'm No Angel (1933): ' I'm very quick , in a slow way .'

(7) Lady Lou (Mae West) in She Done Him Wrong (1933): ' When women go wrong, men go right after them .'

(8) Captain Cummings (Cary Grant) and Lady Lou (Mae West) in She Done Him Wrong (1933)
-- Captain Cummings: ' Haven't you ever met a man who could make you happy? '
-- Lady Lou: ' Sure, lots of times .'

(9) Ruby Carter's (Mae West) answer to a group of admirers in Belle of the Nineties (1934):
-- Admirers: ' May we ask what types of men you prefer? '
-- Ruby Carter: ' Just two: domestic and foreign .'

(10) Retired actress Carlotta Vance (Marie Dressler) in Dinner at Eight (1933): ' If there's one thing I know it's men. I ought to. It's been my life work .'

(11) Mavis Arden (Mae West) in Go West, Young Man (1936): ' Men are my life .'

(12) Miss Bragg (Kathleen Howard) speaking of Sugarpuss O'Shea (Barbara Stanwyck) in Ball of Fire (1941): ' If I were the cream-for that woman's coffee, I'd curdle .' And later: ' This is the kind of woman that makes whole civilizations topple .'

(13) Rita Hayworth in Gilda (1946): ' If I had been a ranch they would have called me the Bar Nothing .'

(14) Lorelei Lee (Marilyn Monroe) in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953): ' It's men like you who have made me the way I am .'

(15) Diane (Joan Collins) and Chester Babcock (Bob Hope) in The Road to Hong Kong (1962):
-- Diane: ' Do you have any idea of the kind of woman that I really am? '
-- Chester: ' No, but I have high hopes .'
-- Diane: ' I'll tell you what I'm like. I know what I want when I see what I want, and when I see what I want, I want it .'
-- Chester: ' Do you see it? '
-- Diane: ' I see it .'
-- Chester: ' Do you want it? '
-- Diane: ' I want it .'
-- Chester: ' You got it .'

(16) Lili Von Shtup (Madeline Kahn) singing I'm Tired in Blazing Saddles (1974): ' I've been with thousands of men / Again and again / They promise the moon / They're always coming and gowing / And going and coming / And always too soon .'

(17) Newshound and Marlo Manners (Mae West) in Sextette (1978):
-- Newshound: ' How do you like it in London, Marlo? '
-- Marlo Manners: ' Oh, I like it anywhere .'

(18) Marlo (Mae West) in Sextette (1978): ' It's not the men in my life that counts, it's the life in my men .'

(19) Janice (Jane Greer) to Lawrence Ballantine (Robert Young) in They Won't Believe Me (1947): ' I'm not a Saturday afternoon girl , I'm an all or nothing girl .'

(20) Sylvia Crewes (Celeste Holm) in The Tender Trap (1955): 'I have a high I.Q. and a low boiling point .'

(21) Hillary Kramer (Barbra Streisand) to boxer Eddie 'Kid Natural' Scanlon (Ryan O'Neil) in The Main Event (1979): ' I'm not the sleazy motel type .'

Synonyms: adultera, adventuress, alley-cat, amorosa, animal, anything-in-trousers, anything-on-two-legs, article, b-girl, babe, baby-vamp, bad-girl, bad-woman, bag, baggage, banbury, band-moll, band-rat, bang, bangs-like-a-bunny, bangs-like-a-tappet, bangster, bar-girl, bart, beastess, beastette, bed-bargain, bedbug, bedbunny (bed-bunny), beddy, bed-hopper, belly-ass, belt-fed-mortar, ben's-gran, bicycle, biffer, big-twenty, bike, bim, bimbette, bimbo, bimmy, biscuit, bit, bit-of-ass, bit-of-cunt, bit-of-goods, bit-of-skin, bit-of-stuff, bitch, biter, blister, bob-tail, boffer, boiler, bombshell, boop-boop-a-doopy-dame, box-of-assorted-creams, broad, bunny, butter, buttered-bun, carpenter's dream, ceiling-inspector, charity-dame, charity gal, charity-girl, charity-moll, chippy (chippie), cinch, claptrap, cleaver, cock-tail, coming-wench, coming-woman, common-woman, common-shore, community-chest, cooch, coot, cooze (coozey / coozy / cuzzy), Corinthian, cover-girl, crumpet, cuddle-bunny, cum-freak, cunt, dangerous-curve, dant, dead-cert, dead-easy, deb-generate, debutart, demi-rep, devilette, dirt-bag, dirty-leg, Don-Juaness, doxy (doxie / doxey), draggletail, drive-thru, dunkie, easy gal, easy girl, easy-lay, easy-make, easy-mark, easy-meat, easy-pick-up, easy-ride, easy-rider, easy-woman, faloosie, fancy-lady, farmer's-lady, fast-stepper, fast-chick, fast-girl, fast party, fast-woman, fastie, fizgig, flapper, fleshpot (flesh-pot), flirt-girl, flirtigiggs, floozy (floosie / floosey / floosy / floozie / fluzie), flossie, fornicatress, frail-flossie, free-and-easy, free-for-all, freewheeler, freewheeling-femme, fuck-princess, fuck-bunny, fuckrag, garbage-woman, gay-wench, gay-woman, get-around-girl, gigsy, gill-flurt, gin-and-fuck-it, girl on the make, give-and-take-girl, give-and-taker, gixie, glutz, goer, good-sort, good-sport, good-time-girl, grass-back, grind, groupie, grousegrunt, hairy-bit, hard-baby, hard-boiled-baby, hard-boiler, hat-rack, have-a-reputation, have-more-pricks-than-a-second-hand-dart-board, hay-bag, hey-hey-hussy, high-stepper, hobbler, hobby horse (hobbyhorse), hobeast, hole, holer, hoochie, hoodrat (hood rat), hootchie, hopped-up-job, horny-hussy, hosebag, hose-monster, hot-arsed, hot-assed-woman, hot-baby, hot-back, hot-bod, hot-bot, hot-box, hot-funky, hot-lay, hot-number, hot-panted-woman, hot-pants, hot-sketch, hot-stuff, hot-tailed-woman, hot-tamale, hot-tomato, hotsy, humper, hussy, huzzie, immoral-girl, jay, jazz-baby, jazzed-up-jane, jazzy-jane, jazzy-member, jazzy-number, jezebel, jilt, kleenex, knock, lady-of-easy-virtue, lady-of-the-town, lead-pipe-cinch, lewd-woman, lift-skirts, light-lady, light o' love, light-of-love, light-skirts, light-woman, Little-Miss-Roundheels, little tramp, loose-bodied-woman, loose-gowned-woman, loose-hilted-woman, loose-kirtle, loose-lady, loose-legged-woman, loose-lips, loose-love-lady, loose-skirts, loose-woman, low-heel(s), low-rent, low-road, lowie, lust-dog, lusty-guts, man-chaser, man eater, meandering mamma, merry-bit, merry-legged, merry-legs, Merry-Magdalene, minx, moll, motorcycle, muff, naughty-girl, naughty-lady, Naughty-Nellie, nimble-hipped, no-better-than-she-ought-to-be, nymph(o), nymphomaniac, office-bike, office-pump, old-hat, omnibus, open-ass, overnight-bag, paraffin lamp (RS = tramp), parnel, party-girl, peach, perfect-lady, pickup (pick up), pie, piece, piece-of-ass, piece-of-fluff, piece-of-goods, piece-of-skirt, piece-of-snatch, piece-of-stuff, piece-of-tail, pig, pig-meat, placket, player, playgirl (play-girl), playmate, plaything, pleaser, plooch, ploot, poll, popover, punch, punchboard, pushover (push-over), push-over sex job, quick-push, quickie, quicksand, quiff, quim, rabbit-pie, raver, right-sort, rip, roundheel, roundheeler, roundheeled-gal, roundheels, saddle, Scarlet-Harlot, scarlet-lady, scarlet-sister, scarlet-woman, scrape, screamer-and-creamer, screamer and a creamer, screw, scrubber, scrunch, scunt, scupper, scuzz, second-hand dart board, sex-job, sexpot (sex pot), sexer, shack-job, shack-up, shady-lady, shag-bag, shagnasty, shagstress, shed, short-heeled-wench, short-heels, sinner, skank, skankskeever, skeezer, sketell, slag, slapper, slattern, slatterpiece, sleaze, sleepy-time-girl, slich (slitch), slotted-job, slut, smut-slut, snap, snatch, sniffer, soft-job, soft-leg, soft-roll, soiled-dove, speed-dame, speedster, speedy-sister, split, split-ass, split-mutton, split-tail, sport, sport-model, star-fucker, steamer, stepper, stepping Susie, stepsister (step sister), strollop, strumpet, stuff, sure-thing, sweat-hog, sweet-charity, swift-baby, swiftie, swinger, tail, tart, tartlet, thorough-good-natured-wench, tib, tickle-tail, tickle-toby, tomato, tomrig, tootsie / tootsy, totty, town-b, town-bike, town-pump, town-punch, town-tramp, tramp, trash, trim, trixie, trollop, trollymog, trot, tube, village-bike, village-bicycle, wagtail, walk-in, walk-up-fuck, wanton-woman, warm-bit, warm flesh, wench, wet-deck(s), whoopee-fluff, whoopee-girl, whoopee-wench, wild-baby, wild-girl, wild party, wild-thing, wild-woman, willing-bit, willing-tit, woman-of-accomodating-morals, woman-of-Babylon, woman-of-easy-morals, woman-of-easy-virtue, woman-of-loose-morals, woman with round heels, yes-girl, yo-yo-knickers, zipper-moraled Susie


, abandoned, approachable, bags like a bunny, bangs-like-a-tappet, bowlegged, cock-happy, come-freak, crackish, cum-freak, debauched, dissipated, dissolute, easy, fast, flossy, fuckable, gay-in-the-legs, gay in the groin, gay in the arse, had more pricks than a second-hand dartboard, immoral, indiscriminate, indiscriminately sexually active, indiscriminating, lascivious, lax, lecherous, libertine, licentious, loose, loose-bodied, loose-gowmed, loose-hilted, loose-legged, of easy virtue, oversexed, profligate, promiscuous, scankie, sexually easy, sexually loose, skanky, touchable, unbridled, unchaste, undiscriminating, unrestrained, wanton, whorish.

See Also: a piece of ass, a piece of calico, a piece of fluff, a piece of goods, a piece of meat, a piece of patch, a piece of skirt, a piece of snatch, a piece of stuff, a piece of tail, a screamer and a creamer, adultera, adventuress, alley cat, amorosa, animal, anything in trousers, anything on two legs, article, B-girl, baby vamp, bad woman, baggage, banbury, band moll, band rat, bangs like a bunny, bangs like a tappet, bangster, beastess, beastette, bed bargain, bed bunny, bed hopper, bedbug, beddy, belly ass, belt-fed mortar, ben's gran, bicycle, biffer, big twenty, bike, bim, bimbette, bimmy, biscuit, bit of ass, bit of cunt, bit of skin, bit of stuff, biter, blister, bob-tail, boffer, boiler, bombshell, boop-boop-a-doopy dame, box of assorted creams, butter, buttered bun, carpenters dream, ceiling inspector, charity dame, charity girl, charity moll, chippie, chippy, cinch, clap trap, claptrap, cleaver, cock-tail, coming wench, coming woman, common shore, common woman, community chest, cooch, coot, cooz(e), coozey, coozy, Corinthian, cover girl, crumpet, cuddle bunny, cum-freak, cuzzie, dangerous curve, dant, dead cert, dead easy, deb-generate, debutart, demi-rep, devilette, dirt bag, dirty leg, Don Juaness, draggle-tail, drive-thru, dunkie, easy lay, easy make, easy mark, easy meat, easy pick-up, easy ride, easy rider, easy woman, faloosie, fancy girl, fancy lady, farmer's lady, fast chick, fast girl, fast lady, fast stepper, fast woman, fastie, fizgig, fleshpot, flirt girl, flirtigiggs, floozy, flossie, flossy, fornicatress, frail flossie, free for all, free-and-easy, freewheeler, freewheeling femme, fuck bunny, fuck princess, fuck rag, garbage woman, gay wench, gay woman, get-around girl, gigsy, gill flurt, gin-and-fuck-it, give-and-take girl, give-and-taker, gixie, glutz, goer, good sort, good sport, good-time girl, grass-back, grind, grousegrunt, hairy bit, hard baby, hard-boiled baby, hard-boiler, hat rack, have more pricks than a second-hand dart-board, hay bag, hey-hey hussy, high stepper, hobbler, hobby horse, hobeast, holer, hoochie, hoodrat, hootchie, hopped-up job, horny hussy, hose, hose monster, hosebag, hot baby, hot back, hot bod, hot bot, hot box, hot funky, hot lay, hot number, hot pants, hot sketch, hot stuff, hot tamale, hot tomato, hot-arsed, hot-assed woman, hot-panted woman, hot-tailed woman, hotsy, humper, huzzie, immoral girl, jay, jazz baby, jazzed-up jane, jazzy jane, jazzy member, jazzy number, jilt, kleenex, knock, lady of easy virtue, lady of the town, lead-pipe cinch, lewd woman, lift skirts, light lady, light skirts, light woman, Little Miss Roundheels, loose kirtle, loose lady, loose lips, loose skirts, loose woman, loose-bodied woman, loose-gowned woman, loose-hilted woman, loose-legged woman, loose-love lady, low heel(s), low rent, low road, lowie, lust dog, lusty-guts, man chaser, man-eater, meandering mama, merry bit, merry legs, Merry Magdalene, merry-legged, motorcycle, naughty girl, naughty lady, Naughty Nellie, nimble-hipped, no better than she ought to be, office bike, office pump, old hat, omnibus, open-ass, overnight bag, paraffin lamp, parnel, party girl, peach, perfect lady, pick up, pie, piece of ass, piece of calico, piece of fluff, piece of goods, piece of meat, piece of patch, piece of skirt, piece of snatch, piece of stuff, piece of tail, pig, pig-meat, placket, play-girl, player, playmate, plaything, pleaser, plooch, ploot, poll, polly, popover, punch, punchboard, push-over, pushover, quick push, quicksand, quiff, quim, rabbit pie, raver, right sort, rip, roundheel, roundheeled gal, roundheeler, roundheels, saddle, scank, Scarlet Harlot, scarlet lady, scarlet sister, scarlet woman, scrape, screamer and creamer, scrubber, scrunch, scunt, scupper, scuzz, second-hand dartboart, sex job, sex pot, sexer, sexpot, shack job, shack-up, shady lady, shag-bag, shagnasty, shagstress, shed, short heels, short-heeled wench, skank, skankskeever, skeezer, sketell, slag, slapper, slattern, slatterpiece, sleaze, sleepy-time girl, slich, slitch, slotted job, smut-slut, snap, sniffer, soft job, soft leg, soft roll, soiled dove, speed-dame, speedster, speedy sister, split-ass, split-mutton, split-tail, sport model, star-fucker, steamer, step sister, stepper, strollop, strumpet, sure thing, sweat hog, sweet charity, swift baby, swiftie, tart, tartlet, thorough-good-natured wench, tib, tickle-tail, tickle-toby, tomato, tomrig, tootsie, tootsy, totty, town b, town bike, town pump, town punch, town tramp, tramp, trixie, trollop, trollymog, trot, tube, village bicycle, village bike, wagtail, walk-in, walk-up fuck, wanton woman, warm bit, well up for it, wet deck(s), whoopee fluff, whoopee girl, whoopee wench, wild baby, wild girl, wild thing, wild woman, willing bit, willing tit, woman of accomodating morals, woman of Babylon, woman of easy morals, woman of easy virtue, woman of loose morals, woman with roundheels, yes-girl, yo-yo knickers, zipper-moraled Suzie

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