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wild girl:

Or: wild-baby / wild party / wild-thing / wild-woman , a sexy , powerful, socially and sexually-active pleasure-seeking woman . See playgirl for synonyms.
See Also: agrizoophobia, albedosynia, apartment girl, auto pimp, B-G, B-girl, babia majora, baby child, bankside lady, beach bunny, beddies, Blackout Romeo, bumps, C-girl, C-lady, calf love, call flat, cherry-merry, chick fancier, chick-a-biddy, chick-pic, chickabiddy, chicken head, chickie, chicklet, chickybabe, chiclet, chippie, chippy, cleft underside, cliner, coddy-moddy, cooker, corephallia, corephallism, crusher, cuddle and kiss, do the natural thing, eirog, Elvira, face on a stick, fille de joie, fille de nuit, fishtail, girl-crazy, girleen, girlish, glitterbag, high postage, hippy-witch, hoydon, ivory pearl, karena, kiddy freak, korephile, little charmer, mackadocious, mother of pearl, nectar, ocean pearl, parthenophobia, plant one's wild oats, plant the oats, plant wild oats, Playboys Playmate, pom-poms, ponce off, pony, pre-woman, reel in the biscuit, rita, scab, scrag, sex bunny, sex kitten, skinz, sow one's wild oats, sow some wild oats, spinners, sub-deb, tail chicken, tender chick, tenderoni, thelyflorescence, titty-boo, twirl, twist and twirl, val, virgin airlines, wallet girl, wild baby, wild girl, wild thing, wild woman, wild-ass(ed), winds do whirl, work from the book, working woman, Yankee heaven, zebra'd, zimmer, zoo number

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