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loose woman:

Euphemism for a sexually promiscuous woman . See playgirl for synonyms.
See Also: adultera, bad woman, banbury, bed bargain, ben's gran, bim, bowlegged, boxer shorts, boxers, chemise, crackish, dant, Don Juan syndrome, Don Juanism, faloosie, female orgasmic dysfunction, flossie, flossy, frigidity, gay wench, gay woman, girlie, grass-back, grousegrunt, hard baby, hard-boiled baby, hard-boiler, hey-hey hussy, hobbler, hobeast, hoochie, hootchie, hopped-up job, hot as a firecracker, hot baby, immoral girl, Jezebel, Lincoln tunnel, loose, loose kirtle, loose-gowned woman, loose-hilted woman, loose-legged woman, old hat, on the loose, pleaser, punchboard, slapper, slattern, three-way broad, three-way frail, trollymog, woman of accomodating morals, woman of Babylon, woman of easy morals, woman of easy virtue, zipper morals

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