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1. Possessing an overactive libido ; having or showing an excessive sexual-appetite or interest in sexual matters; exhibiting an excessive sexual drive .

2. Describes a person as being too free with their body.

See Also: hyperaesthesia, hypersexual

Quotes Containing oversexed:
Gittel (Shirley MacLaine) and Gerry (Robert Mitchum) in Two for the Seesaw (1962): - Gittel: 'Do you think I'm too fat?' - Gerry: 'Good heavens, no .' - Gittel: 'Do you think I'm too skinny?' - Gerry: 'I think you're a sacred vessel of womanhood .' - Gittel: 'Sexy as all get up , hmm?' - Gerry: 'Well put. - Gittel: 'Do you think I'm too sexy? I mean oversexed?' - Gerry: 'Well, I think your kind of a mixed up vessel. Calmly considered I'd say your bottom was tops. ' - Gittel: 'Oh, some vessel! I sound like a shipwreck.'

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