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bit of goods:

A sexually desirable or available woman , especially one regarded as a sex-object .
See Also: a bit of all right, a bit of alright, a bit of fun, a bit of nifty, a bit of rumpty-tumpty, a bit of rumpy-bumpy, a bit of rumpy-pumpy, aesthetically advantaged, alright, bad, bad girl, bark, beat one's time, beauhunk, bit, bit of all right, bit of alright, bit of nifty, bit of nookey, bit of rumpty-tumpty, bit of rumpy-bumpy, bit of rumpy-pumpy, bite the crank, biting, biting kiss, blow me!, bona, boner nochy, bouncy-bouncy, buzz kill, cause of causes, cheek bite, clamp it silly, codger, coxsman, dermagraphism, do a nifty, doesn't know his ass from a hole in the groud, doesn't know shit from shinola, fly, GIB, grostulation, have a bit of crumpet, hickey, Hidden Bite, jive and juke, juicy, just good friends, kiss bite, Line of Jewels, love bite, mackadocious, monkey bite, nifty, no Casanova, no Lothario, on the razzle, pink flaps, pretty-boy, Purple Heart, rickety-raw, roll-dog, rumpy-bumpy, rumpy-pumpy, shag tags, shit on a stick, speciman, stepping out, strawberry kiss, suckers, three-penny bits, thrupenny bits, touch the bun for luck, undamaged goods, up for it, willing tit

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