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One of the easiest and most accepted form of light sadomasochism, biting and nibbling various parts of a partner's body, especially the neck , the ears, the lips , the nipples, the back , the buttocks , the genitals and the inner thighs ; a light bite is foreplay , a deep or skin-breaking bite is sadomasochism. According to Kinsey, +/- 50% of the people surveyed showed sexual arousal from being bitten during sex . CAUTION: Bites that draw blood are considered unsafe sex .
See also: Bite-of-the-Boar ; Broken-Cloud ; Hidden-Bite ; Line-of-Jewels ; odaxelagnia (arousal from biting); Swollen-Bite .


(1) Matthew (Michael Caine) and Jennifer (Michelle Johnson) Blame It on Rio (1984):
-- Matthew: ' Kiss you? I oughta spank you! '
-- Jennifer: ' Oh, please, and bite me too .'

(2) Sandra Mornay (Lenore Aubert), a vampire , and Wilbur Smith (Lou Costello) who looked 'deep' into her eyes and saw twin bats in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948):
-- Sandra: 'Don't you know what's going to happen? '
-- Wilbur: ' I'll bite .'
-- Sandra: ' No, I will .'

(3) Eugenia Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) inviting Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) into her room in Charade (1963): ' I don't bite you know ... unless it's called for. '

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