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1. Dated Americanism for copulate , based on the standard sense of blocking or wedging something or on jam session , a jazz term. See copulation for synonyms.

2. Or: jam-pot , C19 th Britishism for the female genitals ; more rarely the anus . See vagina and anus for synonyms.

3. Or: delicious jam , semen and other fluids ejaculated at orgasm . See semen for synonyms.

4. A bit-of-jam , is UK slang from the turn of the century for a woman or girlfriend .

5. To have-a-bit-of-jam , is UK usage for sexual-intercourse .

6. Lawful jam , in the UK, refers to a wife .

7. Jam-tart / jamtart , is British rhyming slang for sweetheart , and from the mid-C19 th onward also meant wife , mistress and prostitute .

8. Or: JAM , British gay abbreviation for Just A Man , a heterosexual man , from the initial letters.

See Also: food metaphor, jam, jellyroll, roly-poly, shrimp queen, shrimper, tart, toe queen

Quotes Containing jam:
'I really enjoyed playing with you guys. ' This line was not a double-entendre , but it shows how a such a line taken, out of context, can be misinterpreted: Michael Jordan is addressing the Loony Tunes at the end of Space Jam (1996).

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