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1. A person who is loved; the object of one's love and affection .
Synonyms: apple-of-one's-eye ; beloved ; boyfriend; dear; dear-one ; darling ; dearest; favorite; flame ; girlfriend ; heart's-desire ; heartthrob ; honey ; inamorata ; inamorato ; ladylove ; light-of-love ; light-of-one's-life ; light-of-one's-eyes ; love of one's life ; loved-one ; lovee ; lover ; object-of-one's-affection ; object of all of one's affection ; one-and-only ; one's-everything ; one's-own ; one's onliest , one's weekness; onliest one; pet ; precious; pulse-accelerator ; pulse-upperer ; soft-spot ; steady (date); suitor; sweetheart; sweetie ; sweetie-pie ; sweets ; truelove (true love); turtledove; valentine ; wooer.


(1) Lou (Lou Costello) in One Night in the Tropics (1940): ' A husband is what's left of a sweetheart after the nerve has been killed .'

(2) Allan (Woody Allen) with a Humphrey Bogart accent in Play It again, Sam (1972): ' Sorry I had to slap you around, sweetheart, but you got hysterical when I said no more .'

2. A term of endearment for a loved-one . Synonym: darling .

3. A person who is well liked or loved; a dearly loved person; a likable or lovable person.

4. A very attractive or seductive looking woman .

5. Something dear, very agreable, excellent. ' A sweetheart of a ...'

See Also: amatorculist, apple of one's eye, arm-clutcher, arm-in-armer, baby talk, babycakes, ball and chain, beat of one's heart, big moment, biggest enthusiasm, blow job, bo, brown sugar, Colleen Bawn, cream in one's coffee, cuddler, cuddler and cooer, current excitement, darling, darlink, dear one, dollink, Dulcinea, extinguished flame, flame, gill, heart's desire, heartthrob, honeycakes, in-lover, inamorata, inamorato, jam-tart, lady-love, ladylove, latest enthusiasm, leman, light of one's eyes, light of one's life, love of one's life, the, loved one, lovee, O.A.O., object of one's affection, old flame, one and only, one's everything, one's own, one's weakness, onliest, patootie, soft nothings, soft spot, spare tire, steady, steady date, steady goer, sweet patootie, sweet-hot, sweetheart, sweetie, sweetie pie, sweets, tart, Tom-tart, tootsie, tootsy, truelove, valentine

Quotes Containing sweetheart:
Mitch Hennessy (Samuel L. Jackson) to Charlene Baltimore (Geena Davis) coming-on to him in The Long Kiss Goodnight (1997): ''Get real, sweetheart . I ain''t handsome , I ain''t rich, and the last time I got blown candy bars cost a nickel.''
Jack Burns (Kirk Douglas) to his childhood sweetheart Jerri Bondi (Gena Rowlands) in Lonely are the Brave (1962): ''I''m a loner, clear down deep to my guts. Know what a loner is? He''s a born cripple. He''s cripple because the only person he can live with is himself. It''s his life the way he wants to live. It''s all-for him.''
'Running into an old sweetheart . If all his old sweethearts were laid end to end you could use them as a sidewalk.' Nora Charles (Myrna Loy) about her husband in The Thin Man Goes Home (1944)
Lou (Lou Costello) in One Night in the Tropics (1940). The same joke was repeated in The Noose Hangs High (1948): ''A husband is what''s left of a sweetheart after the nerve has been killed.''

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