Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word


1. A term of endearment. See sweetheart for synonyms.

2. The testicles. See penis for synonyms.

3. The female breasts. See breasts for synonyms and euphemisms.

See Also: amor, amorous, beef bayo with extra mayo, broad, candy, cute, cutie pie, darling, die, drip, fuck-happy, great divide, have a little death, hotline, intermammary cleft, line of cleavage, lovely, male chauvinist pig, mash, mash-on, MCP, mesoseinia, mort douce, patootie, rent-a-body business, sexual relations, soft nothings, sold on, sweet man, sweet nothings, sweet papa, sweet patootie, sweet talk, sweetest valley, sweetman, tart, tender chick, warmest valley

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