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Acronym for male-chauvinist-pig , a sexist male who believes in and proclaims the superiority of men over women. Rosalie Maggio in The Dictionary of Bias-Free Usage (1991) recommends chauvinist or sex-chavinist : '" Chauvinism" used to refer to the view that one's-own country was vastly superior, right or wrong, to all other countries. Dictionaries now also define "chauvinism" as the view that one's-own sex is vastly superior. Either a man or a woman can be a sex-chauvinist .'

QUOTE: Ruth (Jill Clayburgh) and Dan (Walter Matthau) in First Monday in October (1981):
-- Ruth Loomis: ' You're an arrogant, self-centered, male-chauvinist-pig .'
-- Dan Snow: ' You're just being sweet to me because I'm a man .'

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