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1. The penis . Also: meat-and-(two)-potatoes ; meat-and-two-veg ; meat-and-two-vegetables ; meat-axe ; meat-case ; meat-cleaver ; meat-dagger ; meat-flute ; meat-for-the-butcher ; meat for the famished and the starving; meat-for-the-poor ; meat for the needy; meat-for-the-poor (the needy, the famished and the starving); meat lance; meat-puppet ; meat spear ; meet-seeking pissile; meat stick ; meat tool ; meat-whistle ; raw-meat . See penis for synonyms.

2. The female ginitalia. See vagina for synonyms.

3. A person, more often a female, viewed as a sex-object or sex partner .

QUOTE: In Son in Law (1998), Pauly Shore, as Crawl, the resident advisor, is checking out the new arrivals in a CAL university and spots one to his liking: ' I'm a carnivore and I smell fresh-meat .'

5. The muscles or musculature.

6. The flesh .

QUOTE: Robert Reisner. Graffiti. Two Thousand Years of Wall Writing : ' One man's meat in another man's perversion '

See Also: a piece of meat, aching for a side of beef, angle of the dangle, barbecue, bargain basement, basket, basketful of meat, beat the meat, black meat, blind piece, box, C-food, canasta, carnophobia, carrion, chicken-on-a-spit, choker, circumcised, cold meat, condom, dark meat, dead meat, deliver a baby, easy lay, easy make, equipment, fresh meat, frozen meat, fur burger, fur pie, furburger, groceries, hair burger, hair pie, hairy pie, IBM, jewelry showcase, laundry, light meat, lucky Pierre, lunch, lunch box, lunch-meat, lunchbox, meat, meat and (two) potatoes, meat and two veg, meat and two vegetables, meat axe, meat case, meat cleaver, meat dagger, meat for the poor, meat loaves, meat market, muff pie, packet, piece of meat, poonj, prime cut, raw meat, showcase, silent flute, skin flute, slaughter house, smeat, snackpack, street mechanic, take the meat out, tear off a piece (of ass), uncircumcised, vegetarian, whip whistle, whistle, white meat

Quotes Containing meat:
Lawrence Paros. The Erotic Tongue (1984): ''One man''s meat is another''s poisson.''

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