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1. Euphemistic reference to the sexual attributes on people of either gender .

Quote: Hobart (James Gleason) to Richard (William Holden) in Miss Grant Takes Richmond (1949):
-- Hobart Gleason: ' Mr. Richmond, your new secretary is here .'
-- Richard Richmond: ' Well, see what see needs in the way of equipment .'
-- Hobart Gleason: ' Looks like she's got all the equipment she needs .'

2. The male genitals , especially the bulging outline of the crotch area.
Synonyms: basket ; basketful-of-meat ; box ; canasta ; family-jewels ; groceries ; jewelry-showcase ; laundry ; lunch (box); lunch-meat ; meat-case ; packet ; showcase ; snackpack . See penis for synonyms.

3. In gay parlance, anything and everything that helps create an image, preferably sexy , including tight-fitting pants, fishnet tanktop, well-groomed hair, a solidly structured body.

See Also: basketful of meat, canasta, equipment, groceries, hepatitis B, jewelry showcase, laundry, lunch, lunch box, lunch-meat, lunchbox, meat case, packet, showcase, snackpack, wedding kit, wedding tackle, well-equipped

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