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1. The male genitals , the visible bulge in the crotch area, especially if emphasized by tight-fitting pants. ' That basket looks creamed full of munchies .'
Etymology: Possibly derived from basket groceries , basket-lunch or picnic basket.
Synonyms: basketful-of-meat ; box , canasta ; equipment ; family-jewels ; groceries ; jewelry-showcase ; laundry ; lunch (box); lunch-meat ; meat-case ; packet ; showcase ; snackpack .

2. More rarely, the female genitals . See vagina for synonyms.

3. In England, occasionally used jocularly as a euphemism for bastard .

See Also: abdomen, apples, ball bag, ball sack, basket, basket crusher, basket days, basket making, basket picnic, basket shopping, basket-watcher, basketeer, basketful of meat, belly, canasta, case, crotch voyeur, crotch-peeper, deliver a baby, family jewels, food metaphor, groceries, head case, jewelry showcase, laundry, lunch, lunch box, lunch-meat, lunchbox, meat case, oil change, packet, playing canasta, showcase, snackpack, take the meat out, tasty-cover(s), tisket a-tasket, view master, view queen

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