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1. Casual term for the forking area of the human body between-the-legs ; the genital area.

2. By extension, the male and female genitals . See penis and vagina for synonyms.
Etymology: Derived from the Middle English croche , a shepherd's crook .

See Also: basket picnic, basket shopping, basket-watcher, basket-watching, basketeer, basketful of meat, big V, camel toe, chicken crotchetory, chicken-with-a-basket, cooch, crab lice, crabs, crotch crickets, crotch critters, crotch monkeys, crotch rope, crotch voyeur, crotch watcher, crotch-grabber, crotch-peeper, crutch, cunnifungus, drape queen, family jewels, groceries, have a bit on the fork, hawk one's fork, hawk the fork, hungry, jock itch, jockstrap itch, laundry, lunch, lunch box, lunchbox, marble arch, meat case, mohair knickers, package, packet, pediculosis pubis, playing canasta, pubic lice, pubis, rag cheese, scrotcher, showcase, smegma, tent, tisket a-tasket, view master, view queen, Y, Yucca country

Quotes Containing crotch:
Russ (Skip Lackey) in Once Bitten (1985): ''How''d you like your crotch set-on fire?!''
Libby Holden (Kathy Bates) shoving a big gun into the crotch of a P.I. in True Colors (1998): ''Mister, you''re about to become misses .''

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