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Euphemism for the penis . See penis for synonyms.


(1) Rudyard Kipling. The Bastard King of England : 'So wild and wooly and full of fleas / Whose tool hung down-below his knees .'

(2) Beaumont and Fletcher. Faithful Friends (1613): ' I ne'er knew a woman to find fault with a long toole before .'

(3) William Shakespeare. Henry VIII : ' Or have we some strange Indian with the great tool come court, the women so besiege us?
See Also: arsenal, cracking tool, dibble, garden tool mama, hone, prick parade, scrotum, short-arm inspection, smite, tool, toolbox, uroscopy, vibrator, watercasting

Quotes Containing tool:
MG (Holly Hunter) in Copycat (1995): ''It''s the tool of survival.''

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