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The thin, loose pouch of skin (and related supportive tissues) that contains the testicles.

Synonyms: bag ; bag-of-fruits ; bag-of-tricks ; ball-bag ; ball-basket ; ball-sack ; ballock-bag ; bozack ; cod ; daddy-bag ; grand-bag ; hairy-saddlebags ; happy-sack ; jelly-bag (jellybag); jewel-box ; jizzbags ; knob-sack ; male-pouch ; nad-bag ; nad-sack ; pouch ; purse ; raisin-bag ; sack ; sack-o'-nuts ; scrot ; scrot-sack ; sleeping-bag ; sperm-sack ; tadpole-carrier ; testicular-sac ; tool-bag ; tool-bag ; winky-bag ; zack .

Synonyms: bag, bag-of-fruits, bag-of-tricks, ball-bag, ball-basket, ball-sack, ballock-bag, bozack, cod, daddy-bag, grand-bag, hairy-saddlebags, happy-sack, jelly bag (jellybag), jewel-box, jizzbags, knob-sack, male-pouch, nad-bag, nad-sack, pouch, purse, raisin-bag, sack, sack-o'-nuts, scrot, scrot-sack, sleeping-bag, sperm-sack, tadpole-carrier, testicular-sac, tool-bag, tool-bag, winky-bag, zack

See Also: anoperineal, bag of fruits, bag of tricks, bag-twister, bags, ball bag, ball basket, ball locks, ball sack, ball torture, ballock bag, barse, blue balls, blueballs, bollock bag, bozack, butterfly board, chode, cock and ball harness, cock harness, cock strap, cockring, coitus obstructus, cremaster reftex, cremasteric reftex, cryptorchid, cryptorchidism, daddy bag, dartos, dartos muscle, decensus, dermatitis medicamentosa, grand bag, hafada, hairy saddlebags, happy sack, jelly bag, jewel box, jizzbags, knob sack, male pouch, miracle inch, nad bag, nad sack, niffin's bridge, niffkin's bridge, perianal area, pouch, purse, raisin bag, rantallion, sack, sack o' nuts, scrot, scrot sack, scrotal, scrotal sac, scrotilinctus, scrotilingus, scrotitis, scrotopexy, scrotoplasty, sleeping bag, sperm sack, tadpole carrier, testicular sac, tool bag, tunica dartos, undescended testes, watford gap, weight training, whiffles, winky bag, zack

Quotes Containing scrotum:
Lucille Toody (Rosie O''Donnell) and her husband Gunther (David Johansen) in Car 54, Where Are You? (1994): - Lucille:''Are you cheating on me, Gunther?'' - Gunther: ''Cheating!? Are you crazy? You would kill me.'' - Lucille:''Worse. I would grab your scrotum , I would stretch it over your head and I would use you as a puncher bag .''

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