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sex object:

Or: sexual-object , a sexually-appealing person, more often a woman , regarded primarily or exclusively as an object of sexual interest, one perceived and treated as a sex partner and as a source of sexual gratification.


(1) Rosalie Maggio, The Dictionary of Bias-Free Usage (1991): ' Heavily reinforced by advertising, which uses women's sexuality to sell everything from razo blades to cars, this concept has had invidious results: prostitution , rape, laws and societies that "protect" women and relegate them to the status of children, words and attitudes that label women solely by their sexuality, even murder when the mythic cultural promise that women exist for the sexual pleasure of men goes unfulfilled .'

(2) Boxer Eddie 'Kid Natural' Scanlon (Ryan O'Neil) to Hillary Kramer (Barbra Streisand) in The Main Event (1979): ' You're treating me like an object. What do you think I am? A girl? '

(3) Daryl Van Horne (Jack Nicholson) in The Witches of Eastwick (1987): 'A woman is a hole! Isn't that what they say? All the futility of the world pouring into her .'

(4) Mick Dugan (Alec Baldwin) and Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) in Working Girl (1988):
-- Mick: ' Who the fuck died and made you Grace Kelly? '
-- Tess: ' I'm not steak . You cannot just order me .'

(5) Harry Bliss (Jack Nicholson) to Joan Spruance (Ellen Barkin) in Man Trouble (1992): ' I'm not one of these guys who's going to look upon you as an object (...) because I look upon a woman as a whole .'

(6) Carrie (Courtenay Cox) and David (Arye Gross) in The Opposite Sex (1993):
-- Carrie Davenport: ' You just shouldn't look at women as objects .'
-- David Crown: ' Oh, now, you see , I was looking at women objectively .'
-- Carrie Davenport: ' You know , I don't care for semantics .'

(7) Carrie Davenport (Courtenay Cox) and David Crown (Arye Gross) meeting in a basement bar where clients use a periscope to view passing women's legs in The Opposite Sex. And How to Live With Them (1993):
-- Carrie: ' It's not polite to spy .'
-- David: ' I wasn't spying. I was leering .'
-- Carrie: ' You know , this thing reinforces bad viewing habits. You should learn to look at a woman as a whole .'
-- David: ' Hey, listen, I'm way to enlightened to look at a woman like that .'
-- Carrie: ' I meant as opposed to just half .'
-- David: ' It's a periscope in a bar . Lighten up! '
-- Carrie: ' You just shouldn't look at women as objects .'
-- David: ' Oh, now, you see , I was looking at women objectively .'
-- Carrie: ' You know , I don't care for semantics .'
-- David: ' Oh, too bad , I'm Jewish. May I buy you a drink? '
-- Carrie: ' I don't think so .'
-- David: ' The whole you? '

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