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1. The penis , particularly an erect one. See penis for synonyms.

2. Derogatory slang for a male homosexual , especially a fellator .

3. To have-one's-banana-peeled , to have-sex . See copulation for synonyms.

4. Dated term of endearment, mostly in America, for an attractive woman . Like most food terms applied to women it implies that such a person is regarded as a sex-object , someone to be enjoyed selfishly like the act of eating.

See Also: acousticophilia, amyl nitrite, banana, banana splits, bananas and cream, braille, Dr. Bananas, foreskin, fruit for the monkey, hairy banana, hairy sausage, making a banana spit, making a banana split, prepuce

Quotes Containing banana:
Rose (Betty White) in the TV series The Golden Girls (1985): ''My mother always used to say: The older you get , the better you get , unless you''re a banana .''

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