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To copulate . See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: accident prone, all mouth, alley queen, anal-sadistic, aphanisis, appreciate, ass goblin, ass-fucker, ass-kisser, ass-licker, backgammon player, backside artist, banana, banged up, beat it while the beating is good, birth control, bon vivant, butter baby, Cadbury alley, Cadbury avenue, Cadbury canal, camp culture, carpe diem, Cateracts of the Nile, cheilogusia, cherry picker, comfort zone, cookie, couple freak, creamie, cucumber queen, dig, dolce vita, double-gaited, enjoy a stroll down (the) Cadbury alley, enjoy a stroll down (the) Cadbury avenue, enjoy a stroll down (the) Cadbury canal, enjoy favors, fag hag, fag stag, femdomme, FFA, fish queen, fleshpot, flippy, flyer, foot loose (and fancy free), get a kick out of, godemiche, golden shower queen, half and half, hot cross bun, infantilism, inhibited sexual arousal, ISA, jock, jokum cloy, lady's man, love a party, love to party, male dominant, maledom, messalina, oral-erotic, pancake, plurisexual, popular with the ladies, poundcake, queen bee, roll in the hay, sensate focus exercises, sloppy seconds, sniffer, stag hag, stool pigeon, succubus, sweet potato pie, switch, switch-hitter, throne queen, tit puller, tit-smacker, Toilet Tessie, tomato, tomgirl, troilist, truth or dare, two-way artist, vampire, view master, view queen, washroom faggot, watch queen, Wet Cuddles, word freak, yummy, zoosadist

Quotes Containing enjoy:
Connie (Kelly Lynch) to Joe Casella (William Baldwin) in Three of Hearts (1993): 'Love is like some fucking force of nature. You can't trick it ... you sure can't control it . That's the great part, that's the ride . Enjoy it .'
Leon (Melvyn Douglas) to the Soviet enjoy Ninotchka (Greta Garbo) in Ninotchka (1939): 'Love isn't so simple, Ninotchka. Ninotchka, why do doves bill and coo? Why do snails, the coldest of all creatures, circle interminably around each other? Why do moths fly hundred of miles to find their mates? Why do flowers slowly open their petals? Oh, Ninotchka, Ninotchka, surely you feel some slight symptom of the divine passion . A general warmth, a strange heaviness in your limbs, a burning of the lips that isn't thirst but something a thousand times more tantalizing, more exalting than thirst.'

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