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Or: paraphilic-infantilism , a paraphilic condition in which a person derives sexual gratification from impersonating or being treated like a baby . From the Alt.Sex.Fetish.Diapers FAQ : ' Infantilists usually enjoy one or more of the following: a) wearing diapers; b) using diapers for their intended purpose; c) wearing or using adult-sized baby clothes, bibs, pacifiers, baby bottles, etc.; d) acting and being treated like a baby (being bottle- or spoon-fed, having diapers changed, etc.by a lover within the context of a role-playing scene .'
See Also: autonepiophilia, autopaedophilia, autopedophilia, bib, infantilism, paraphilic adolescentilism, paraphilic infantilism, paraphilic juvenilism

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