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1. Deeply in-love ; strongly attracted to; besotted ; enamored .
SYNONYMS: beguiled; besotted ; bewitched; captivated; carried away; charmed; crazy-about ; enamored ; enraptured; far-gone-on ; fascinated; foolish; head over heels; hung up ; inflamed ; intoxicated; mad on ; possessed; seduced; silly; smitten ; spellbound; under a spell.

2. Possessed by a foolish or an unreasoning love or passion . See love for synonyms.

See Also: aflutter over, all aflutter over, all aquiver over, be mad about, be smitten with, be soft on, be stuck on, be sweet on, be taken with, besotted, bitten, bitten by the love bug, daft about, enamor, fall for, fall for (someone) in a big way, fall for like a ton of bricks, fall hard for, fall head-over-heels for, feel funny about, feel that funny feeling, feel that way, flip over, fond of, fool for, a, gaga, go coocoo, go cuckoo, go for in a big way, go for in a great big way, go for in large helpings, go for plenty, go for with both feet, go ga-ga, go head over heels, go in a big way for, go nuts, gone on, have a beguin for, have a crush on, have a heart-throb for, have a pash on, have a thing for, have a yearning for, have eyes for, have eyes only for, have it bad, have it hard, have one on the brain, have one's heart flip flop, have one's heart go pitapat, have one's heart go pitter-patter, have that funny feeling, have the heebie-jeebies for, have the miseries, have the tremors, heebie-jeebies, heels over head (in love), hooked, hurt for, in love with, in need of, lose one's head over, lose one's heart to, lose the old head over, love all to pieces, mad about, moon after, moon for, moon over, only have eyes for, over head and heels (in love), palpitate for, palpitate over, partial to, pashy, pine for, run a temp over, run a temperature, run a temperature over, set one's heart on, sigh after, sizzle for, smitten with, soft on, struck by lightning, stuck on, sweet on, taken with, that way about, that way over, thermometing, torching, torchy, turn (someone's) head, voomish, whales on, wild about

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