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1.Or: switch-hitter , in BDSM, a person who enjoys topping and bottoming and can alternate comfortably between dominant and submissive roles, either from scene to scene or within a scene.

2. In massage-parlors, to take turns massaging and being massaged.

3. In swinging , to practice mate-swapping .

4. A small cane with split end used in flagellation and other BDSM activities.

See Also: a bit of all right, a bit of alright, alright, bastinado, bigendered, bit of all right, bit of alright, brothel, caning, corporal punishment, fab, switch, switch club, switch-hitter, switched-on, take a turn in the barrel, turn on

Quotes Containing switch:
Magenta/Frank (Rutger Hauer) to Ivory/Tracy (Mimi Rogers) in Deadlock (1991): ''You couldn''t turn me on if I had a switch .''

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