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massage parlor:

Business establishment that specializes, for a basic fee, in body massages and, sometimes, saunas. Additional, sexual services, such as relief-massages (masturbation), dildo massaging, and enemas, are available at cost extra. Some massage parlors are fronts for brothels. See brothel for synonyms.

SYNONYMS: rub-parlor ; sauna-club .

See Also: a-one and a-two and a-three, adult entertainment center, assisted shower, body rub, body shop, do massage work, extras, full-service, gonk, hand job house, hand relief, hostess, house split, jack shack, leisure spa, light touch body rub, lighthouse, local, massage parlor, prick rag, rap club, rap parlor, rap studio, relaxation rubdown, relief massage, rub parlor, rub-a-tug shop, sauna club, southern massage, switch, tip, tripsolagnia, tripsolagnophilia, tripsophilia, walking the street(s), wand vibrator, work from the book, work in a brothel, working inside, working outside, working rooms, working the bricks, working the street(s)

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