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Or: nookey / nooky , from the 1920s onward:

1. The sex-act or sexual activity in general. See copulation for synonyms.

2. Wooing; lovemaking . Also a term of endearment to a loved-one . In both examples that follow, it is not quite clear if the actors are saying nooky or mooky : (1) At the end of Sex and the Single Girl (1964), Lauren Bacall tells Henry Fonda: ' A second honeymoon . Where are you taking me, nooky? ' (2) The Joker (Jack Nicholson) looking at a picture of Kim Bassinger tells his sidekick Bobby in Batman (1992): ' I'm about to get a new girl , Bobby. I'm of a mind to make nooky .'

3. The vagina , derived from nook , a hole or hollow space. See vagina for synonyms.

4. A woman as a sex partner or sex-object , a receptacle for the penis .

See Also: a bit of nookey, bit of nookey, nookey, nooky

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