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non-operative transsexual:

Or: nonoperative transsexual / non-op-TS , a transsexual who has had hormonal/surgical treatments, but not genital surgery (sex (or gender) reassignment surgery), and who either has no desire to proceed with the surgery or cannot proceed due to lack of funds.
See Also: amateur, ball-bearing stewardess, bambi, bambi sex, bias-free, big T, the, butch number, captor and captive, chest surgery, CNC, Copenhagen capon, Credo of the Jesuit, Danish pastry, f2m, FtM, GIDAANT, hormonal reassignment therapy, K-Mart crowd, kissing disease, mate-swapper, mate-swapping, MtF, non-conforming gender, non-op TS, non-operative transsexual, non-orthogenic sex, nonconforming gender, post-op TS, post-operative transsexual, post-surgical transsexual, pre-op TS, recast male, RM, she-male, soft-core, T boy, T man, to be late, to be over ones time, top surgery, trancentric, trannie, tranny, tranny hawk, trans-fag, trans-testicles, transactivist, transcengender, transdike, transdyke, transexual, transgendered, transgressively gendered, transhomosexuality, transie, transindividual, transmale, transman, transpeople, transphobia, transsectional, transy, tranz-fag, TS, vanilla sex

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