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Courting; going steady .

Synonyms: Adam-and-Eveing ; arm-in-arming ; cupiding ; dueting ; man-and-womanizing ; sparking ; table-for-twoing .

See Also: Adam-and-Eveing, amatorculist, apple of one's eye, arm-clutcher, arm-in-armer, arm-in-arming, baby talk, babycakes, ball and chain, beat of one's heart, big moment, biggest enthusiasm, blow job, bo, brown sugar, Colleen Bawn, cream in one's coffee, cuddler, cuddler and cooer, cupiding, current excitement, darling, darlink, dear one, dollink, dueting, Dulcinea, extinguished flame, flame, gill, heart's desire, heartthrob, honeycakes, in-lover, inamorata, inamorato, jam-tart, lady-love, ladylove, latest enthusiasm, leman, light of one's eyes, light of one's life, love of one's life, the, loved one, lovee, man-and-womanizing, O.A.O., object of one's affection, old flame, one and only, one's everything, one's own, one's weakness, onliest, patootie, soft nothings, soft spot, spare tire, sparking, steady, steady date, steady goer, sweet patootie, sweet-hot, sweetheart, sweetie, sweetie pie, sweets, table-for-twoing, tart, Tom-tart, tootsie, tootsy, truelove, valentine

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