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Courting; going steady .
Synonyms: Adam-and-Eveing ; cupiding ; dueting ; man-and-womanizing ; sparking ; sweethearting ; table-for-twoing . This expression is rarely heard today.
See Also: accidental homosexuality, acrotometophilia, acrotomophilia, Adam-and-Eveing, amelotasis, amputation fetish(ism), amputee fetish(ism), apples, arm, arm of love, arm-clutcher, arm-in-armer, armbinders, armstrong heaters, brachioproctic eroticism, brachiovaginal eroticism, chalky farm, cingulomania, Cupid, cupiding, depilation, dog food, dueting, embrace, false alarm, flip-flap, flipper, functional homosexuality, itch mite, man-and-womanizing, plastercasters, prick parade, Sarcoptes scabiei (hominis), scabies mite, short arm, short-arm inspection, situational homosexuality, small arm, soupbone, sparking, spooning, sweethearting, table-for-twoing, throbbing, tool check, Venus, wazoo

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